Monday, 6 June 2011

Little White Cafe

After we had our photoshoot for mellovelly, we decided to go somewhere fancy. we could've gone to any kedai mamak but then again we were all loking like....

 a bit too overdressed for mamak doncha think?
So, we went to Little White Cafe. Tempat ni memang best gila nak mampuih sbb die cantik gila i felt like i was in different country. I am very bias with expensive food, makanan yang paling dibenci pon akan rasa sedap, so i'm not gonna say anything about the food. For the price, tahap kesedapan makanan die i think it was just alright. Tapi air and cake mmng sedap gile and it's worth the price.

sister num#3 khodijah a.k.a Kayah a.k.a gajah a.k.a koyah a.k.a um... thats it i guess. thank you kayah for being the photographer of the day! nanti jadi lagi tau. nanti timah bayar kayah gaji 45 ratus ribu juta.

sister num#2 aishah aka ecah aka asiah goreng. it's a name i gave her. oh and also esso mobil, it's a name kakak#1 gave her. Thank you for being my model.

this is kakak#1 aka kakak a.k.a maya a.k.a mary a.k.a maryam a.k.a um ok tu je. she's a coffee lover yang dashat punye. Mcm org gile die nk photoshoot dgn cup of coffee tu. Lepas die dah kahwin, rase mcm dia semakin cantik. ape rahsia awak kakak? and Thank you for being my model too.

ni spaghetti ape tah. kenape mata aku mcm lebam? can i thank my self for being my own model? Thank you timah so so  much for being such a good model. You're the best! i love you

Velvet cake ni paling sedap dalam dunia. harga dalam RM13 camtu. 

so lovely isn't it? you guys should totally come.I'd like to come here again because of the ambiance and the cakes.
Warning: Bring lotsa money
Maybe utk org kaya rase ok kot harga die. tp utk kitorang mahal la. lg mahal dari secret recipe. 

wow. you guys are so........ romantic.

kakak, I love you! oh and of course ecah and kayah too! muah muah

P/S: sorry my blog is plain and boring. i am a bad blogger i know