Thursday, 30 August 2012

Giving back

Today I went to charity shoppe Bangi, it's a shop where you can donate anything (not junks please) and they'll sell it there and everything will go for charity. You can find a lot of shops like this in the UK and probably other countries, but it's the first in Malaysia, and I like it a lot because it kinda reminds me of carboot sale (Carboot sale was my favorite back in England). The honorable lady responsible for this shop is Datin Norelan, super friendly and very down to earth. This charity shop is under Islamic Relief Malaysi, IRM btw. So here's some of the things I bought earlier today.

Clockwise from top right: Asos dress (RM10), Baju kurung (RM10), Sheer blouse (RM10), Instant Hijab (RM5 each)

Really happy with what I bought. The baju kurung is for class, it's made of the kind of fabric that needs no ironing, yeah lazy me. Those instant hijabs are for you know, running errands. takdok masa aku nak belit sana belit sini kalau setakat nak pg post office. INSTANT HIJAB! MENAWAN KELUARGA BAHAGIA. Even if your late for class, instant hijab and A 'no-need-to-iron-no-need-to-wear-inner-baju' is your savior. And that Asos top! It's my sister's. She donated it some months ago, she bought it for RM60, they were selling for RM10, it's pretty and it's been there for so long so I bought it lulz lulz lulz. I can always donate it back right har har har. Kak Norelan really just laughed because I bought my sisters' top. Read my sister's post on stuff she gave Here. She really donated some awesome stuff, F21 heels pon ada mmkay. 

My sister, Maryam told us to always allocate a certain amount of money for you donare consistently every month, say like RM50/month and you we feel/see the barakah of doing so. Especially one you've start working. Zakat is another thing, giving some to your parents is another thing. If you do these things even if you feel like you won't have enough money afterwards, InsyaAllah with the barakah from Allah, your money will be more than enough. If you have a big salary, and you don't do these stuff or anything like it, your money probably will never be enough, ever wonder why? Probably because 'kurang berkat'. So let's all try to improve InsyaAllah.

I'm gonna donate some of my stuff soon after I get everything sorted out, I asked Datin Norelan whether would it help if I categorize the stuff I want to give, you know like label them 'Old jeans', 'Brand new tops' etc etc. And she said yes that would really be helpful for them, she also told us that some people really just gave them junks, it's really frustrating you know, it's not a dumping site, it's a charity place for heavens sake. Some stuff wear even mixed with used old panties and other underwear. That's really yucky.
If you're interested on donating stuff, you can go straight to their shop at: 

Charity Shoppe
Islamic Relief Center
A-05-G, Paragon Point,
Jalan Medan PB5, Seksyen 9,
Pusat bandar,
43650, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor.
Waktu beroperasi:
Selasa - Sabtu: 11:00am - 7:00pm
Ahad - Isnin & Cuti Umum: TUTUP

That's my younger brother there. Please do not fall in love with him ladies. lulz. sorry mamat, Iloveyou.

Oh. And I know I'm suppose to make raya post, but I think I'll procrastinate just a little mora. wakaka.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Why I is a lazy blogger

So let's see, I've been blogging since May 2011 and now it's August 2012. It's been more than a year but I have only 12 posts. pffftt. blogging lah sgt. But I have 220 followers which is quite okay I guess for a blog with only 12 post. Thank you followers!

Truth is, I've always like the idea of blogging and I think if you blog the right way, it could be really beneficial to others and to yourself duniawi and ukhrawi. But you have to be really careful with what you write, make sure it is free from maksiat. Because you know, you'll be responsible for everything you've done here in this dunia and you'll be questioned abt it on the day of judgement. So be very very careful ! You have audiences! 

here's whats been holding me back from blogging

  1.  I'm lazy
  2.  I'm too lazy
  3.  I'm really lazy. I is lezi lezi lezi bin layzee.
  4.  I've always had this dilemma whether to write in English or Malay. If I were to write in Malay, I just don't know what kata ganti nama to use. Saya would be yucky for me. Referring yourself by your name would also be yucky for me. No offense, it's just not me so it feels yucky to me. And what else do we have, AKU! Out of all these three, I'm most comfortable using this one, but I still don't like it. Now if I were to write in English, it would take me quite a long time to finish a post because my English suckss! I mean, my English is just not that good enough for me to finish a post in like less than an hour or.. a day. I always get stuck! I've actually got so many drafts because I just couldn't finish the posts. Oh well.
  5. I'm not a good writer. It's so hard for me to finish one post. I'm not good at organizing my ideas, that's why I'm making this numbered list. lolzers.
  6. I always owez owez owez berangan on what to write and sometimes I procrastinate until my ideas just disappear or when I do try to write it down, problem no. 4 & 5 always gets in my way. (I guess I have to read more, I rarely read anything!)
  7. Sometimes I don't have time. When I have time, I either don't make time for it or problem no.4 & 5gets in my way. (Wait, isn't this almost the same as num 6? saje je kan nk bg nmpk byk nom ea diri sendiri?)
  8. Sometimes when I'm thinking of updating my blog with personal boring stuff, you know the kind of post that just shows what you did that day and basically you just show your photos? (Which I have done before) Sometimes I think it's too personal, sometimes I think it's not beneficial and sometimes I hold my self back because I know I have male stalkers. Because they tell me (Who stalks and tell?!pfft. I've had a really bad experience with this one person and I wish I could just delete that memory from my memory box). It feels weird  but a blog is public right, so everyone is free to read and it's something you gotta accept even if you don't like it because you're writing on your own willingness.  But I won't stop just because guys read them, I'll just try to make sure my blog does not contain to much unnecessary photos or whatever other unnecessary stuff. But I still don't like the idea of guys reading my blog. I mean, I never even thought guys would want to read this blog. So if your a guy and you're reading this, please shushuh. You're not welcome here. If you're a normal guy then it's not that disturbing but some stalkers could get really weird and psychotic sometimes :/ Kadang kadang rasa macam, kan best kalau perempuan je yang boleh membaca blog ini. sorry la kalau gua kedengaran seperti kebajetan macam la ramai sangat orang baca blog ni, I'm just sincerely expressing my thoughts.*shrugs*

So basically my  main problem is no.4 and no.5 and 8 probably. and..the others too. pqjkewlkjq.
So I'm challenging myself to make a post today. 
And here it is! I did it mayynnnnn! op op op oppa gangnam style! oppa nenek hang la timah
And I am also challenging myself to make a raya post after this. Ok.
I just wanna discipline my self really and improve my English.