Monday, 14 November 2011

whatis wrong with me

haish. rase macam 2 tahun nak siapkan lab report ni. seminggu cuti ponn x dapat siap siap lagi.terok betol! apesal org lain boleh je siap? tapi bile pikiaq2, bile buat kerja last minute hasil nye lebih bagusssss. mcm 100% efficiency. i guess that's just how my brain works. it works best under time constraint (< grammar ayat ni betol ke weh?) papejelah. Engish aku mmng tidah sehebat adik beradik aku yang lain. sbb aku pemalas membaca. hish teruk. oh sebernanye aku mmng peng-procrastinater yang hebat lg bertamadun. Tp kot2 mmng aku work better that way ke ntah ntah? yeke yeke. pape je la timah. okay lab ni sikittt lagi nk siap. discussion dah 85% siap. conclusion tu alah, senang je. pendek je. patu theory tidak tahu menahu nk tulis apa aih. tibai sajela labu. okay come on timah! you can do it! InsyaAllah, Allah permudahkan. hihi.

Ha ni sample utk lab ktrang. ade 2 cara nk mount sample tu, hot and cold. dlm exp ni kite gune yg hot, sbb. . .. ah mlas la nk eksplen. okay kembali berjuang! doakan saya dapat buat yang terbaik. SHAH ALAM!!!!!?!?! PEACEEEE YOOO! 

Saturday, 27 August 2011

25 Random Things about me

1. My name is fatimah. Only fatimah. At home i'm timah. At school i was called timon/timah. Uni - tammy, tammy the timah, timah. oh and also timsy foo, timmy, ape tah lagi.

2. Born on the 24th june in Parit buntar, Perak.

3.When i was 8 months old,  whole family flew to England sbb ayah smbg phd. (Oh Mama, why didn't you have me 8 months later so that my birth certificate would look more.. international?

4. In the UK, i only had two friends, Ruby a Bangladeshi girl. and Annam, a Malay boy i'd love to meet but don't know how i can find him. I also had my first kiss with him and i was six. That boy so gatal one.

5. When i got back to Malaysia, i got into standard 1 and felt that the school was yucky and the teachers were mean(not all) and the kids were also mean( doesn't apply to everyone).

6. I got lost a lot in my own school. i struggled to find the toilet because the school was to big compared to previous school in UK.

7. Didn't know how to make friends in school and was bullied a lot! so school was kinda like hell to me.

8. Had my first friend in standard 3, was actually my neighbour. Before that, for 2 years i had recess on my own, i lived in my own world.

9. High school was . . . . .  D I S A S T E R! man i hate those years.

10. I was the girl who had no friends, would usually be absent for at least once a week, and hardly talks. But of course i did manage to make a few friends, appreciate you girls for being friends with me!

11. Cili padi is my life! food without cili padi would be just . . . . .  b o r i n g . but um i have gastric, so i have to control my consumption of cili padi.

12. My nose is unbalanced. sebelah kembang mcm dragon, sebelah lagi cantik sikit. but i guess thats normal, cube korang tgk hidung aznil ke mawi ke. senget. betol.

11. when i was little, ppl kept telling me ' besar nnt tinggi budak ni ' just because as a kid i was tall and had long fingers. so i grew up thinking i'd be the next Nasha Aziz. And today i'm just 151.5 cm tall. ppffttt. Nasha Aziz lah sangat.

12. Kalau dari jauh orang akan cakap, timah tu kecik je. Tetapi kalau tengok jarak dekat, sebenarnye kaki die besar! tangan die besar! tak sepadan dgn pendek

13. Kalau salam tangan ngan kawan perempuan, ramai yang akan cakap ' eeee tangan kau besar macam salam tangan lelaki la'. seriously, my hands are enormous and my fingers, my fingers! they are fat as babies.

14. Guys don't usually dare to say hi to me, but they do on Facebook. but this is what i usually get
- asal muke kau macam nak mengamok je aku tengok?
-aku x berani tegor kau. muke kau macam nk bunuh orang.
- tadi nampak awak depan lif, garang je. cube senyum sikit, mesti comel. (euw)

15. I'm the fourth children from 7! I am timah in the middle! Woohoooo!

16. Maryam, Ibrahim, Aishah, Fatimah, Abu Bakar, Khodijah, Muhammad. - Siblings name! best tak?!! best kan!!!

17. I used to have low self esteem and always cried and night because i had so much insecurities. biasala. mangsa buli kan. But now! i have found the strength in me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18. In school, i used to have crushes on like 11 guys at one time. loser2 pon nk suke2 kat ramai2. but as i grew older, i realized it wasn't crushes i was having, it was just eye contact. Lame

19. I used to think i looked like Britney Spears.

20. I day dream a lot.

21. I wan't to get married before 25 and have cute babies!! babies, please be cute so that mommy will love you moreeeee.

22. I can never be friends with a cat, i mean i've tried so many times but i just can't! we just don't get along well. hmmm. I thinks cats know i'm afraid of em.

23. I knew how to read in English first, then i figured out myself how Bahasa Malaysia works. Wait, is it bahasa melayu or bahasa malaysia? ape ape saje lah.

24. I'm a mechanical engineering student who hasn't got a clue of what engineers actually do at work. help me somebody.

I'm gonna stop at 24 because the numbering got errors right? 11, 12 patu 11, 12 balik. malas lah nak betulkan balik. so this is actually 26 random things about me?

I actually wanted to post something about Ramadhan, but alamak, niat terpesong la pulak. Istighfar istighfar.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Random Awesome

This song is just too beautiful it makes me feel like crying. Can't stop hitting the replay button!

It all began
at the show one weekend
i was a friend of your cousin said
"hey how you've been"
And with your checkered shirt on
And my Reebok shoes on
Let's watch something random
turn into something awesome

And I smile a lot now
A lot happier somehow
No I don't know what is up with me
I laugh too much recently
No, They don't know much about us
When we're exchanging glances
They'll figure out one day,
what happened on your 24th birthday

It all began with a simple confession
You had an urge to kiss me and
I was on the verge to miss you
and it happen,
we didn't understand
i won't even budge
before we didn't hang out much
So save me in your playlist
You wont forget this
When things dont quite go your way
You'll still have me on replay

With your checkered shirt on
And my Reebok shoes on
Let's watch something random
turn into something awesome

And I smile a lot now,
A lot happier somehow,
No I don't know what is up with me
I laugh too much recently
No, They don't know much about us
When we're exchanging glances
They'll figure out one day,
what happened on your 24th birthday

Monday, 6 June 2011

Little White Cafe

After we had our photoshoot for mellovelly, we decided to go somewhere fancy. we could've gone to any kedai mamak but then again we were all loking like....

 a bit too overdressed for mamak doncha think?
So, we went to Little White Cafe. Tempat ni memang best gila nak mampuih sbb die cantik gila i felt like i was in different country. I am very bias with expensive food, makanan yang paling dibenci pon akan rasa sedap, so i'm not gonna say anything about the food. For the price, tahap kesedapan makanan die i think it was just alright. Tapi air and cake mmng sedap gile and it's worth the price.

sister num#3 khodijah a.k.a Kayah a.k.a gajah a.k.a koyah a.k.a um... thats it i guess. thank you kayah for being the photographer of the day! nanti jadi lagi tau. nanti timah bayar kayah gaji 45 ratus ribu juta.

sister num#2 aishah aka ecah aka asiah goreng. it's a name i gave her. oh and also esso mobil, it's a name kakak#1 gave her. Thank you for being my model.

this is kakak#1 aka kakak a.k.a maya a.k.a mary a.k.a maryam a.k.a um ok tu je. she's a coffee lover yang dashat punye. Mcm org gile die nk photoshoot dgn cup of coffee tu. Lepas die dah kahwin, rase mcm dia semakin cantik. ape rahsia awak kakak? and Thank you for being my model too.

ni spaghetti ape tah. kenape mata aku mcm lebam? can i thank my self for being my own model? Thank you timah so so  much for being such a good model. You're the best! i love you

Velvet cake ni paling sedap dalam dunia. harga dalam RM13 camtu. 

so lovely isn't it? you guys should totally come.I'd like to come here again because of the ambiance and the cakes.
Warning: Bring lotsa money
Maybe utk org kaya rase ok kot harga die. tp utk kitorang mahal la. lg mahal dari secret recipe. 

wow. you guys are so........ romantic.

kakak, I love you! oh and of course ecah and kayah too! muah muah

P/S: sorry my blog is plain and boring. i am a bad blogger i know

Friday, 27 May 2011


Floral jacket
fits XS only

Floral chiffon maxi
Fits S- small M

Lace printed dress
Fits S-M

pink ribbon cardi
Fits M-L

Black long sleeve dress
Size S

White maxi skirt

Light Brown Blazer
Size L

tiered earth tone top
Fits up to M


Friday, 20 May 2011

I got a hobby. I got a hobby.

Finally, for the first time in my life i think i have a real hobby.yay me! selama ni selalunya benci gila bila org tanya ape hobby because i really never had one. I used to like to draw but i wasn't that good. i enjoyed drawing manusia but then ummi told me it's not good to draw bende hidup mcm manusia or binatang, so i stopped. My hobby now is sewing!

here are a few of  my sewing projects.

 I altered this white gauze maxi into maxi skirt because as maxi, it mad me look fat!
so here's the maxi turned into a skirt!

If you look carefully, the skirt i'm wearing here is actually a dress, see those floppy ears at the waist part? those are the sleeves of the dress.

pink dress transformed into a skirt



Thats all for today. thank you for reading and thank you for following!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Squashed Toma'es

ok misi pertama untuk cuti bulan ni dah tercapai! weehoo! akhirnya setelah sekian lama! kami berjaya kua bersama-sama 4 adik beradik! ill let the photos do all the talking :D 

mcm comel x? oh this me btw.

this is my siser aishah. i think you might already know her (girl with the blue macaron). and beside her is kayah, my 17-year old baby girl (girl with the pink macaron) wait. is it macaron or macaroons? oh and they weren't as sedap as i expected :(

  ingat penyanyi nashid ke? (camera self timer ni,terer x?)

we're the squashed toma'es!

kakak menggantikan suaminye dgn patung.

and this would be my eldest sister, Maryam. die belanja kami sume sorang RM5O. awww kakak you're so sweet. haha. we didn't plan utk shopping but then kaka nk blanja, terus sume org tershopping. you are guilty kakak!

nk tau x kenapa kitorang THE SQUASHED TOMA'E GIRLS?! nk x? nk x?! ok meh saya bercerite. Once upon a time, when we girlies were young and cute and adorable, and was living in the UK, when we got too cold in bed before tidoq, we would hug each other as tight as possible to keep each other warm. we'd scream 'SQUASHED TOMA'ES' everytime we do that. haha comel kn comel kan aww aww aww. wait. rasenye kayah x terlibat kot dalam geng tomato ni. Because she was abt 2 years old back then, so if we'd be squashing each other like mad, she'd be like really really squashed. and she'd be squashed! terpenyek! ek!

I love you girlies so much! i hpe we can still hangout like this even when we're all married <3


peach chiffon L/S dress

no lining at sleeve part

worn twice

striped maxi
worn once

fringe sling bag
cond 10/10

off white layered chiffon dress
fits S-M

shear floral top
fits S-L

Liz clairbone blouse
(kene pakai inner)
ade stain, but not noticeable
Fits S-small M

Floral L/S top
fits M-L


Black batwing top
fits S-XL
worn once

To purchase, email me at thank you! <3