Monday, 16 May 2011

Squashed Toma'es

ok misi pertama untuk cuti bulan ni dah tercapai! weehoo! akhirnya setelah sekian lama! kami berjaya kua bersama-sama 4 adik beradik! ill let the photos do all the talking :D 

mcm comel x? oh this me btw.

this is my siser aishah. i think you might already know her (girl with the blue macaron). and beside her is kayah, my 17-year old baby girl (girl with the pink macaron) wait. is it macaron or macaroons? oh and they weren't as sedap as i expected :(

  ingat penyanyi nashid ke? (camera self timer ni,terer x?)

we're the squashed toma'es!

kakak menggantikan suaminye dgn patung.

and this would be my eldest sister, Maryam. die belanja kami sume sorang RM5O. awww kakak you're so sweet. haha. we didn't plan utk shopping but then kaka nk blanja, terus sume org tershopping. you are guilty kakak!

nk tau x kenapa kitorang THE SQUASHED TOMA'E GIRLS?! nk x? nk x?! ok meh saya bercerite. Once upon a time, when we girlies were young and cute and adorable, and was living in the UK, when we got too cold in bed before tidoq, we would hug each other as tight as possible to keep each other warm. we'd scream 'SQUASHED TOMA'ES' everytime we do that. haha comel kn comel kan aww aww aww. wait. rasenye kayah x terlibat kot dalam geng tomato ni. Because she was abt 2 years old back then, so if we'd be squashing each other like mad, she'd be like really really squashed. and she'd be squashed! terpenyek! ek!

I love you girlies so much! i hpe we can still hangout like this even when we're all married <3


  1. yay saye orang pertame-tame yang cmmnt! I love my sisiters! :D

  2. awwwww awww we're cocuuweett!! :P

  3. aww aww sy org ketiga komen!

  4. boleh tak ajar i cane nk tukar format of my bloggy to be like this

    I'll be writing abt squashed toma'oes too!

  5. kakak, blog you kua blog lama la. kayah yg tlg buatkan utk i. nnt bile2 you dtg la sini suh kayah buatkan ape yg patot.

  6. haha.. timah mmg comel pun..ekeke

  7. timah! timah! aku ade kt cni..heheee ;)

  8. miera: haha mane ade

    nenek safey: aku letak kau dlm blog list aku! hehe

  9. such a lovable siblings. i pun ada 4 girls in siblings. and all are grown up. miss to hang out together like you and sisters.

  10. Auww so sweet!! I have 5 siblings, all girls!! And right now all my sisters are too busy. It's been almst a year we didn't hang out together, 5 of us. Huhu. Envy you girls.
    You girls are soo sweet lah btw. :)

  11. eesyaheera, bes kan adik bradik perempuan ramai!
    intizara,wow ramainye! you should set a date for a get together then. thats what we did. hehe

  12. you guys looked like Arabians :D