Saturday, 27 August 2011

25 Random Things about me

1. My name is fatimah. Only fatimah. At home i'm timah. At school i was called timon/timah. Uni - tammy, tammy the timah, timah. oh and also timsy foo, timmy, ape tah lagi.

2. Born on the 24th june in Parit buntar, Perak.

3.When i was 8 months old,  whole family flew to England sbb ayah smbg phd. (Oh Mama, why didn't you have me 8 months later so that my birth certificate would look more.. international?

4. In the UK, i only had two friends, Ruby a Bangladeshi girl. and Annam, a Malay boy i'd love to meet but don't know how i can find him. I also had my first kiss with him and i was six. That boy so gatal one.

5. When i got back to Malaysia, i got into standard 1 and felt that the school was yucky and the teachers were mean(not all) and the kids were also mean( doesn't apply to everyone).

6. I got lost a lot in my own school. i struggled to find the toilet because the school was to big compared to previous school in UK.

7. Didn't know how to make friends in school and was bullied a lot! so school was kinda like hell to me.

8. Had my first friend in standard 3, was actually my neighbour. Before that, for 2 years i had recess on my own, i lived in my own world.

9. High school was . . . . .  D I S A S T E R! man i hate those years.

10. I was the girl who had no friends, would usually be absent for at least once a week, and hardly talks. But of course i did manage to make a few friends, appreciate you girls for being friends with me!

11. Cili padi is my life! food without cili padi would be just . . . . .  b o r i n g . but um i have gastric, so i have to control my consumption of cili padi.

12. My nose is unbalanced. sebelah kembang mcm dragon, sebelah lagi cantik sikit. but i guess thats normal, cube korang tgk hidung aznil ke mawi ke. senget. betol.

11. when i was little, ppl kept telling me ' besar nnt tinggi budak ni ' just because as a kid i was tall and had long fingers. so i grew up thinking i'd be the next Nasha Aziz. And today i'm just 151.5 cm tall. ppffttt. Nasha Aziz lah sangat.

12. Kalau dari jauh orang akan cakap, timah tu kecik je. Tetapi kalau tengok jarak dekat, sebenarnye kaki die besar! tangan die besar! tak sepadan dgn pendek

13. Kalau salam tangan ngan kawan perempuan, ramai yang akan cakap ' eeee tangan kau besar macam salam tangan lelaki la'. seriously, my hands are enormous and my fingers, my fingers! they are fat as babies.

14. Guys don't usually dare to say hi to me, but they do on Facebook. but this is what i usually get
- asal muke kau macam nak mengamok je aku tengok?
-aku x berani tegor kau. muke kau macam nk bunuh orang.
- tadi nampak awak depan lif, garang je. cube senyum sikit, mesti comel. (euw)

15. I'm the fourth children from 7! I am timah in the middle! Woohoooo!

16. Maryam, Ibrahim, Aishah, Fatimah, Abu Bakar, Khodijah, Muhammad. - Siblings name! best tak?!! best kan!!!

17. I used to have low self esteem and always cried and night because i had so much insecurities. biasala. mangsa buli kan. But now! i have found the strength in me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18. In school, i used to have crushes on like 11 guys at one time. loser2 pon nk suke2 kat ramai2. but as i grew older, i realized it wasn't crushes i was having, it was just eye contact. Lame

19. I used to think i looked like Britney Spears.

20. I day dream a lot.

21. I wan't to get married before 25 and have cute babies!! babies, please be cute so that mommy will love you moreeeee.

22. I can never be friends with a cat, i mean i've tried so many times but i just can't! we just don't get along well. hmmm. I thinks cats know i'm afraid of em.

23. I knew how to read in English first, then i figured out myself how Bahasa Malaysia works. Wait, is it bahasa melayu or bahasa malaysia? ape ape saje lah.

24. I'm a mechanical engineering student who hasn't got a clue of what engineers actually do at work. help me somebody.

I'm gonna stop at 24 because the numbering got errors right? 11, 12 patu 11, 12 balik. malas lah nak betulkan balik. so this is actually 26 random things about me?

I actually wanted to post something about Ramadhan, but alamak, niat terpesong la pulak. Istighfar istighfar.

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